Calgary Lifestyles Inc Pandemic COVID 19 Studio Protocol
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We want to let all of the users of the studio know that the owners and management of the studio have and will continue to do our best to en-sure that the users of the studio and the associated members health is protected to the best of our ability. This will be our first priority and will not be compromised.

The Studio is re-opening under Pandemic COVID 19 Guidelines. These guidelines are developed under the guidance of Alberta Health. The Studios cleaning and disinfecting regime has not changed it will continue as we always have. What will change is how a member is permitted to attend and what they can do once inside the Studio. Please read the following guidelines and protocols they are being implemented to protect you and the others that are attending with you.

I / We would like to attend the Studio:

  • 1) Valid members will be permitted with an invitation stating a day and time. When you would like to attend send an email to with the following information:
    • a. Name (s) of attendees;
    • b. Date that you would like to attend?;
    • c. Yes or No answers to the following questions:
    • i. Do you have any cold or flu like symptoms?;
    • ii. Have you traveled abroad, out-side of the City of Calgary Limits?;
    • iv. Do you have a mask?;
    • v. Have your downloaded and activated the APP Alberta "Trace Together" on your Cell Phone?
  • 2) An e-mail will be returned to you confirming that your request for an invitation has been confirmed, with date and time of arrival.
  • 3) An EFT for the specified amount will be requested to confirm the invitation. Cancellations can be made up to 24 hours in advance, refunds will be provided. No shows, there is no refund.
  • 4) Please arrive on your designated day and time.
  • 5) Walk ins will not be permitted at this time, member or not.

Attending the Studio: Entrance Procedure and Orientation to the following will occur upon your entrance:

  • 1) Membership and invitation is confirmed;
  • 2) Health questions are asked;
  • 3) Temperature is checked;
  • 4) Verify that the APP: Alberta "Trace Together" is active on the members Cell Phone.
  • 5) Orientation of the following is provided:
  • a. Social distancing will be no less than 2 meters from another person or couple;
  • b. There is no bar service, the host will provide table service of can beverages, ice and cups;
  • c. Interaction between others must maintain no less that 2 meters between each;
  • d. Disinfecting solutions will be provided at various stations and at each table:
  • e. Washrooms are one member at a time;
  • f. Any questions or concerns please ask.
  • Cleaning, Personal Protection protocol: The Studio is cleaned and disinfected before, during and after.
  • 1) before and after each opening.
  • 2) after each members use of an area, washroom and or item;
  • 3) use face masks.
Leaving the Studio
  • 1) Member is asked to stay in touch with the studio management;
  • 2) A copy of the Alberta Health COVID 19 symptoms is provided;
  • 3) We ask that you disinfect hands as you leave.

If there is a suspected outbreak:

  • 1) You will be advised as soon as possible via the contact information that you provided;
  • 2) You will be asked to report to Alberta Health;
  • 3) Management will have already reported the possible outbreak / infection.
  • Please understand that your health and well being is our first concern. If you do not feel comfortable in attending a studio event. You can interact with other members via the GTFO Community and Virtual (multicam) room. We would be pleased to have you join us in any one the ways that we are offering for you to interact with others.
Any questions or concerns please direct them to or call Ms Stacey 1-403 860 2102 or Pj 1-403-826-2670






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